Welcome to Child Save Canada

For more than twenty years Child Save Canada has protected children across Canada with their unique system of identification, early response and tracking. Our mission has been to ever evolve and help parents in their critical time of need. By registering with Child Save Canada, you are taking an additional step in safety and peace of mind when it comes to your most treasured ones, your children.

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How Our System Works to Help You

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When you register with Child Save, you will receive registration cards with a unique tracking number on each card. Every registered child on our system and their critical information can be accessed by this secured system, which allows us to assist in time of need. More than this we can liase with authorities and other authorized parties to expedite the retrieval of lost and missing children. 

Our Emergency line is staffed 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. You will also receive identification stickers with your tracknig number that can be applied to any item of your chosing to help retrieve lost or stolen items such as clothing or your child's electronics.

In addition to our system's benefits for your child, we also provide you with health and safety alerts to your email through our child save alerts system.

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I registered my children with Child Save Canada because of their reputation and the good work they do for children and their safety! Both my husband and I have greater peace of mind knowing that we are part of such a worthwhile programme.
Angela Solti, Mother / hospital staff

Well, last evening our family had the scare of our life..Thank Goodness Child Save was there
Charlene Welsh

Contact Us Our Contact Details are list below. For email contact please use our contact page

If this is an Emergency, please use our emergency line listed below.

Address: 9768 170th Street NW -Suite 506
Edmonton, AB T5T 5L4
Phone: +800-409-4600
FAX: +416-391-0999
Emergency: +888-391-1398
E-mail: info@childsave,com